Anticipating Lucky and Trixie vs. the Reality

We are turning into a farm family! We already had 2 goats, Bob and Willow. One black, one white; one miniature, one pygmy; one male, one female; one dominant, one passive; total opposites who depend upon being together. Why, I’m not too sure, but it seems to work.

Last week, we had Ken build a larger shelter and brought some straw for the shelter and a bale of hay, got food and alfalfa cubes, and got new feeding bins and a large water trough. By Saturday, we were ready for the two miniature donkeys that our friends Misty and her mom Sandy delivered on Sunday. Yes, donkeys! They still have their winter coats but Lucky and Trixie are adorable! Trixie is especially shaggy but that just adds to her charm.

They are very inquisitive!

Ed decided to go outside to read the Sunday paper but Trixie and Lucky were having none of that. Actually, I think Trixie was eying Ed’s beer!

They have distinct personalities. Lucky is the sweet boy, who is always looking for any food you may have. Trixie, on the other hand, is the shy little girl. She prefers to walk up to you and turn her back so you can scratch her butt. If you don’t, she’ll keep backing up toward you until you finally give in. I didn’t have a brush or comb so I used a dog comb to get her used to be groomed. She absolutely LOVED it! Now she comes up and stands profile so I can scratch her back and neck.

Meet Lucky

Trixie is also curious about everything. When we let the dogs out into this yard, Trixie was the one who wanted to get closer to a constantly yapping SoLow to find out what she was. Lucky just let SoLow chase him for a bit. Trixie was the one who wanted to check out Bob and Willow. The goats, on the other hand, have constantly kept the shelters in between them.

I think Bob is pouting. He doesn’t like to eat out of his feeder because nothing is in between him and the donkeys. Willow, however, actually took the initiative to approach Trixie while she was eating tonight and had her back turned. Willow got within about 6 feet before Trixie looked back at her. Willow just stood stock still until Trixie started turning around and then she took off running back to Bob, on the other side of their shelter.

This afternoon, when Ken, Courtney and Edgar were here, Lucky and Trixie were their sweet selves but soon lost interest and went to the back of the yard. As we were leaving the yard, I saw Trixie walk over to this one spot devoid of the clover that has sprung up all over their yard this year. She pawed and then got down on the ground. I thought, “That’s great she feels comfortable lying down with so many of us around her.” Oh, no! She rolled over on her back and started squirming around in the dirt. No wonder she looks like Pigpen from the old Charlie Brown cartoons when you pat her rump!!!

Meet Trixie

Tonight, I decided to go outside after dark, just to see who was sleeping where. I mean, we built this really nice shelter for them and I wanted to make sure they were using it. The first thing I saw was Bob and Willow sleeping between their shelter and the back fence, totally separated and protected from the donkeys, with a safe escape available from two opposite sides.

I walked around to the donkey’s shelter and it was totally empty! Hmmm. I scanned the yard with the flashlight and, yep, there they were toward the back of the yard, totally opposite from the corner where Bob and Willow were hiding. I sat on the big rock outside their shelter and called Trixie and Lucky to me. It took a few minutes but they did come up for some loving. I’m sure they were startled by this strange light with a familiar voice!

As I stood petting Trixie, Lucky decided to check out the shelter. That’s great, I thought! Ken told me to put their toys inside the shelter so that they knew it was theirs. I’d already caught Lucky nibbling on the straw I had used for bedding but he didn’t eat much of it before moving on towards the hay. Yet after he entered this time, when I thought he was checking out one of his toys, he was actually peeing on the straw! Oh, Lucky!!! Not to be outdone, Trixie followed him inside and followed suit! Well, crap!!! Now I have to muck out the shelter but this time, I’m leaving just the dirt floor. They seem to like lying in the dirt and rolling so I hope they will decide it’s better to roll in the dirt and sleep there rather than turning it into a bathroom!


4 responses to “Anticipating Lucky and Trixie vs. the Reality

  1. They look so cute. It must be fun for you to have the opportunity to keep the animals and interact with them. I could cope with donkeys but NOT with a horse and I do like goats. The “in-thing” over here for people with land is alpacas.

  2. They are so cute!! Looks like you have your hands full 🙂

  3. Yes, I have had to change my feeding habits a little. The donkeys were used to being fed twice a day, so now I have to remember to feed the donkeys first thing in the morning. I walked out today and Trixie brayed at me. I can’t imagine what the neighbors thought! (Sorry, Jackie. I didn’t think Trixie was EVER going to stop and take a breath!) But they don’t make a sound any other time, so I can live with one bray twice a day. LOL

    Soon we’ll have to add the chickens to the mix. I may open up a petting zoo soon.

    And please don’t remind Ed about alpacas! He talked about them some years ago, along with emus. If we get anything else, we’ll have to fence in another yard and I’ll end up spending ALL day outside playing and feeding!

  4. Hey – I like the idea of a petting zoo – LOL