Zandi … or Nibbles … or Illusion Aeropostale?

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Our zoo has gotten a little bigger, as of last night. Please welcome Zandi, a brindle and white Basenji puppy, to our home. I think she is officially registered with the AKC as Illusion’s Aeropostale but she’s been called Nibbles since she was born on Dec. 27th of last year. Well, Ed had already decided that we would call her Zandi.

We drove down to Montgomery, TX, yesterday and picked her up from Bob and Terry of Illusion Basenjis. We got to meet the whole family! Mom, Dad, and siblings had fun playing before we left, and Mom got to say goodbye to her little girl. There were red and white, black and white, tri-colored, and brindle puppies, all playing together and they had so much puppy-fun! We have to get one of these blue toys for our home.

The drive down was long but the drive back with a little puppy seemed eternal! Bless her heart! She was so excited to be traveling that she squirmed all over, trying to check out everything at once, and Ed couldn’t contain her on his lap for any length of time. We finally had to put her in the crate.

We only stopped once, in Calvert, for her bio-break. She peed and drank a little water and we were on the road again. She put up with a lot on that drive but thankfully finally fell asleep somewhere on Highway 6. We had to wake her up when we pulled into the garage.

Another bio-break, a little food, a little drink, and Zandi was ready to explore her new world. We did notice a cute little habit she has. When she eats, she will stand up and get a bite and then sit down to chew.  Finally, she just sits and eats.  It’s too tiring to stand up the entire time, you know?   There were just too many distractions and she then had to check out the entire house (or as much as I would let her)

Meeting the rest of the family, however, was a trying ordeal. No, not for Zandi but for SoLow and Sam! They just weren’t sure what this little bundle was. She was too active, too friendly, and a little too aggressive.  We had put Zandi on our bed, just to give SoLow and Sam a short break from Zandi’s antics.  I couldn’t believe that, when she wanted to get down, from a flat-footed stance, she took a flying leap from the bed to me where I was sitting on the chaise lounge.  That must be at least 4 to 5 feet and darned if she didn’t almost make it!

And when we put her in her crate for bedtime, Zandi sure didn’t want to be left out of all the fun. She adjusted quickly and slept until about 2:30 a.m. I took all of the girls outside and Zandi was a good little girl. She did her chores and then was ready to play. It was a little chilly to leave them outside so we came in and play resumed. … all over the house! By then, SoLow and Sam had started to accept her and seemed to totally enjoy the running, chasing, and tripping.

Soon, however, it was time to go back to bed. At least, I thought so. I hadn’t had any sleep at all and I was pretty pooped! So about 5, I put Zandi back into her crate in our bathroom. SoLow and Sam just couldn’t take the whimpering though. They ran between me and the bathroom door until I grudgingly got up and let Zandi out of the crate. I did keep her in the bathroom though, in case she had an accident in the middle of the night. The middle of the night? Sheesh, it was 5:30 a.m. by that point!!!

Anyway, I put SoLow, who was the most concerned with Zandi’s crying, in the bathroom with her. All that accomplished was to have one puppy whining and the other barking! But they soon settled down and went to sleep … as did I. What a night! I will be paying for it later today but at least I got to sleep until 7 this morning.


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  1. She’s beautiful!!! Can’t wait to meet her.