Spurs in Calvert

I love to people-watch when I go somewhere. We stopped at a pretty fancy place for lunch on our last trip. We decided to celebrate the little addition to our family and eat before we picked her up rather than afterwards. That proved to be a good move on our part. So we splurged and got a hamburger at the Dairy Queen in Calvert. I even had a Raspberry slushy drink and considered getting a Dilly Bar on the way out, but thought that might be a little much for Ed to handle. It took a lot of effort though to just walk away.

We sat right in the middle of the dining room and had a great view of the other customers. No one looked interesting when we first walked in but, while we were waiting for the food to be delivered right to our table, 3 men walked in and ordered. Dusty jeans, western shirts and boots, and sweaty cowboy hats drew my attention. After a closer inspection, I noticed the youngest man was also wearing spurs.

Now, for those of you outside of the American West, you might think he was trying to show off. Spurs? Please! Well, let me tell you, these spurs had been used a lot. They were not the nice, clean and shiny spurs that you see in pictures or at the rodeo. They looked like they had almost become a part of his boots, like he needed to take the boots and spurs off at the same time because they had eventually melded together after long days in the saddle. And, yes, they did indeed jingle when he walked.

Soon, two more men entered, ordered and sat next in the booth across from the first three, dressed in the mode as the others. They were obviously together. As we left, we saw two trucks pulling two cattle trailers. I speculated that, in the midst of their daily work on the ranch, they decided to refuel at the best little burger place in Calvert.

I’m pretty sure that they weren’t stopping by because they were just tired of the grub at their Southfork-style ranch. And I’m also fairly sure that this was not their one weekly meal away from the old-style farmhouse and bunk house. I’m also sure that, no matter where they lived, I would be disappointed because it wouldn’t fit anything I had imagined. But it sure was fun to people-watch and to speculate.

It was also much more interesting than watching the two young women, probably high school seniors, come in for a bio-break and then leave without ordering a darn thing! Some people have no couth!

3 responses to “Spurs in Calvert

  1. Steve Muncy

    At my age, I am more prone to think of bone spurs than cowboy spurs….but mine don’t jingle. 😉

  2. LOL! Oh, Steve! You’re a Texan. Cowboy spurs are commonplace for you. Bone spurs, however, are a new phenomenon, especially at our age!

  3. Lou Magness

    Boy, Kay, you certainly are your mother’s daughter. Yvonne never could get enough Raspberry Sherbert on the Barge. Often she couldn’t get any.