Feeding Time at the Zoo

Wow, what major changes have occurred around our little house recently!

We now have 2 miniature donkeys, 2 miniature goats, 1 Sheltie, 1 Dachshund, 1 Basenji puppy, and poor, lonely turtle Fred in a pond. Talk about a madhouse, especially at feeding time! If I had to write an instruction manual for feeding the animals here, this is about how it would go:


  • Enter the inner dog yard. Listen to the female donkey Trixie bray once, loudly and long. Place your hands on both hips to show her you don’t like it when she brays. It won’t stop her from braying at least once but it will make you feel better while taking a stand.
  • Put donkey food and bran in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly. If Trixie starts to bray again, turn and glare at her, hands on hips. Wait until the braying stops and then continue fixing food.
  • Scoop up goat food in a container. Scoop up cracked corn in a container. If Trixie starts to bray yet again because you are moving too slowly, turn and glare at her, hands on hips. Wait until the braying stops and continue fixing food.
  • Go through middle yard and unlock the gate to large outer yard. Push the male donkey Lucky out of the way. Hold food high so Lucky can’t snitch any while you are closing the gate.
  • Pour donkey food into Lucky’s feeder and then Trixie’s feeder, while continuing to hold goat food high so Trixie won’t snitch any.
  • Place donkey food container next to gate so you don’t forget to take it back to the food box.
  • Pour goat pellets into the male goat Bob’s feeder while pushing Bob out of the way. Pour goat pellets into the female goat Willow’s feeder.
  • Add some cracked corn to Willow’s feeder. Add some cracked corn to Bob’s feeder while he’s chewing.
  • Stand at the corner of the goat’s shelter so you can see the donkeys and goats all at the same time.
  • Watch Lucky, who will lose interest in his own food and push Trixie out of the way to eat hers. Then watch Trixie, who will lose interest in eating the leftovers in Lucky’s feeder.
  • Intercept Trixie when she makes a break toward the goat feeders. Stand with hands on hips so she knows you aren’t kidding about blocking her. NOTE: If you don’t block her access, she will round the corner and scare both goats away from their food. They will not return to the food after the donkeys have slobbered on it, even if you take it away from the donkeys and walk to the other end of the yard to give it back to them. They would rather eat stale hay than eat anything that smells like a donkey!
  • When donkeys and goats have finished, return all food containers to food box in inner yard. NOTE: Do not forget to re-lock the middle yard gate! Bob knows how to open a closed gate but can’t open the chain-locked gate.
  • Scoop up Sam and SoLow food and pour in their bowls in the middle yard.
  • Let the dogs out of the house, picking up Zandi as she torpedoes outside. Shoo Sam and SoLow into the middle yard and close the inner yard gate.
  • Put Zandi down in the inner yard. Put a handful of Zandi puppy food into her bowl and put it down away from the back door.
  • Wait until Zandi takes a bite of her food and quietly slip into the house before she notices.
  • Go into the atrium, grab about 5 pellets of the turtle food and toss into the pond.
  • Go into the bedroom and collapse on the chaise lounge. You will have earned a rest!

Late afternoon/early evening:

  • Repeat the entire morning routine all over again!!!

I definitely live in a zoo!


2 responses to “Feeding Time at the Zoo

  1. welcome to my world : )

  2. Sounds like a LOT of Work. Ahhh – what we do for our loved ones. 🙂