I Hate Missing Meetings!

I missed a meeting this afternoon down at the Meadows Building with my handyman Ken and a potential renter. I never miss meetings! I’m always a little early for them, in fact. I can’t believe how angry I got, knowing that I had gotten Ken down here on a Sunday, all the way from Gainesville. That is SO upsetting to me!

The reason? We got new iPhone 4s cell phones a few days ago and they said they transferred all my data but they missed my calendar. I have lost all of my future appointments so if I have a future meeting with you, PLEASE let me know so that I can put it back in my iPhone. I have really gotten used to having alerts and I was so angry that Ed left me alone for a while. That, in and of itself, is so unusual nowadays. And he is now even keeping Zandi away so she won’t make it even worse. She is just a bundle of energy and enthusiasm tonight. I’m so mad at myself that I really don’t have the patience to deal with her, and Ed, bless his heart, has my back, just like Ken had my back this evening with the renter. I am surrounded by good people.

Writing this blog helps me to calm down. Well, that and the neck massager that I have. Thank goodness I am typing this and not writing it in cursive! But I think the main point of this blog is to remind me … and everyone else … NOT to make me angry. It is NOT pretty!


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