All That Was Missing Was The Pig

It was feeding time at the zoo. It was time to give Lucky his antibiotics and to soak his hoof in Epsom salts and water. What happened to him, did you wonder? I went out to feed a few days ago and the outer gate was open. All animals were in the middle yard. Some were just munching away on the hay, grass and weeds and other were roaming around checking out the other animals. After I shooed them out into their respective yards, I noticed that Lucky was limping. Hmmm, that can’t be good. Maybe one of the other animals kicked him or something. I looked and couldn’t see anything wrong with his right front leg, yet he was sure favoring it.

The next day, he was still limping so I called the vet and she came that afternoon. I am SO thankful that we have a vet that will make a house call! Apparently, when we had our roof fixed after the hail storm last June, the roofer was not too careful about dropping old roofing nails and at least one of them ended up in the middle yard. I’m just very glad that it was only one large animal that was hurt. The vet removed the nail and we got the antibiotics from her the next afternoon.

Following my usual routine, I took the food for the donkeys out first, holding a bucket with the goat food. I had added the antibiotics to Lucky’s food and we had decided to soak his hoof while he was eating. That sounds reasonable, doesn’t it? Yeah, easier said than done! The first step was to put his halter on him. Ok, that went without a hitch and I led him back to the feeding bucket.

Meanwhile, Ed had put some warm water and Epsom salts into a low bucket and was just waiting for me to lead Lucky to the feed. Lucky is such a sweetheart and he didn’t object to the water, but before I knew it, the goats were beside me trying to get their food out of the bucket. When I shooed them away, Trixie came in for a nibble of Lucky’s food, so I shooed her away. The goats were persistent and made an end run back toward the food.

Ed said he thought we could take the halter off of Lucky. He thought the halter was bothering him and hampering his eating. Boy, was that a mistake! Lucky was spooked by my flapping arms, shooing the other animals away, so he shied away from the food, taking his foot out of the water mixture. Even though it felt like hours, I only spent a few minutes trying to catch the spooked donkey and putting the halter back on. Meanwhile, the goats were pestering Ed for the food bucket.

I finally got Lucky back to eating but he would spook every time another animal came near. Trixie finally found her own food but we were still continually flapping our arms at the goats. Finally, Lucky was done. I didn’t mind him snatching Trixie’s food (she’s a little overweight as it is) but I didn’t want Trixie eating Lucky’s food and the antibiotics.

Finally I could feed the goats. My feeding routine has changed a bit since my original “Feeding Time at the Zoo” blog. Trixie now knows that when my hands go on my hips, do NOT come near. Bob, on the other hand, has returned to his pre-donkey antics of going in between his and Willow’s food buckets, never giving Willow time to grab a bite out of either one. So I now stand between them and prevent Bob’s wandering.

Ok, can’t you just imagine this entire scene being played out as some weird reality show? Well, now add the audio track to the show. The entire time we were in the outer yard, Zandi was darting throughout the inner yard, SoLow fast on Zandi’s heels and barking every step she took. Sam was also barking but it was more of a sympathy bark for SoLow. So, we had SoLow’s yippy bark, Sam’s darker bark, and Zandi’s occasional yodel. Yes, all of this was going on while we were trying to get Lucky to eat. What a zoo!

Ed turned to me sometime in the middle of all this bedlam, asking why he felt like he was in a Green Acres episode.  Yeah, all we were missing was the pig!


3 responses to “All That Was Missing Was The Pig

  1. LOL – it does sound like Green Acres! I can see it now – – –

  2. LOL You should film this and send it to AFV…you’d win, hands down!

  3. Kay and Ed! Glad to hear things are going okay down at the “zoo”!