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Just so that everyone knows that I really did NOT make this up, I am posting an email that Ed got from Congresswoman Kay Granger today.  This is something that should be discussed on every network and cable channel, yet I still have not seen this mentioned anywhere.


Dear Friend,

With all that is going in Washington these days some things don’t make the news the way they should.  Fourteen days ago President Obama issued an Executive Order that you should know about.  This order gives an unprecedented level of authority to the President and the federal government to take over all the fundamental parts of our economy – in the name of national security – in times of national emergency.

This means all of our water resources, construction services and materials (steel, concrete, etc.), our civil transportation system, food and health resources, our energy supplies including oil and natural gas – even farm equipment – can be taken over by the President and his cabinet secretaries. The Government can also draft U.S. citizens into the military and force U.S. citizens to fulfill “labor requirements” for the purposes of “national defense.” There is not even any Congressional oversight, only briefings are required.

By issuing this as an Executive Order the President puts the federal government above the law, which, in a democracy, is never supposed to happen.

As President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, he has the Constitutional authority to issue executive orders.  And while similar orders have been made before by presidents from Eisenhower and Reagan to Clinton and George Bush – it has never been done to this extent.

It is still unclear why this order was signed now, and what the consequences are for our nation – especially during times of peace.  This type of Martial Law imposes a government takeover on U.S. citizens that is typically reserved for national emergencies, not in a time of relative peace.

I want you to know I am following this very closely.  If you would like to read the order for yourself please click here.

Kay Granger
Member of Congress



3 responses to “Update on Executive Order

  1. Kay, Please check the web site of factchek.com on this issue. I am on my lap top aned it is slow, but I will check this out when I have mor4e time tomorrow. I find that quite a bit of “anti” Obama material is either false or twisted before it is published. Factchek.com is one of the best for straightening things out.


  2. Lou, I did check Factchek.com and nothing was listed there. The comments in my original blog are mine, based on the actual Executive Order, which I read on whitehouse.gov. I put the link to the official Executive Order in my original blog so you can read it yourself. Tell me what you think after you read it yourself. I’m interested in your comments on it.

  3. Lou Magness

    Kay, My info comes from my College roommate who has a PHD . She is waiting for something from a legal scholar – written in layman’s terms.

    He feelings are that the executive branch does not need these powers now. More powers would undermine the rule of law. She will keep me informed if anything else comes up.