Seeing Charlie

Ed’s cousin Charlie had an operation on his back a few weeks ago and I have decided to take real good care of my back! I don’t know exactly what they did but I know that, when we went down to see him in Waco the day after surgery, he was still out of it and on pain meds. It must’ve hurt like hell because he had a little red button to push for pain and it definitely got a workout.

Charlie looked up at me as I stood by his bedside and said “I love your blog.” That really floored me. He was drifting in and out during our entire conversation but that was the first thing he said to us. I was floored, to say the least. We spent some time talking with Irma while he drifted and had a really good time.

Irma is from Mexico and still speaks with a heavy accent, even after decades of living here in Texas. Sometimes I really have to pay attention to her while she is speaking. I think I’m too used to Texas accents! She usually has no trouble understanding Texans, but she was sure having trouble understanding Charlie’s mumbling at times. Fortunately, I could understand him and I credit his Texas-accent for that! Lol.

I don’t think he will remember us being there but we are so glad that we went. Afterwards, we stopped by our favorite restaurant for a late lunch, followed by a leisurely drive back home. All in all, it was a great day.

We heard from Charlie last week and he was still in some pain and still in the hospital working through therapy sessions. Hopefully he will be going home soon. I know he misses home and being there with Irma.

Oh, when we left them at the hospital, Charlie mumbled something and Irma said “What, honey?” I just smiled. I knew what he had said.

“Keep writing.”

So, Charlie, this one is for you. I hope you will be back up and pain-free soon. When you are, we’ll meet you in Waco again and we’ll ALL go have lunch together!


One response to “Seeing Charlie

  1. What a nice bit! I know Charlie will enjoy!