Sam Got Bitten by a Snake

Last week, I went to let the dogs inside after they ate dinner and Sam wasn’t with the other two waiting at the door. She was standing out by the goat & donkey yard fence, head drooped. Slowly but surely, she inched her way toward the inner yard and then collapsed on the sidewalk. She obviously was having trouble controlling her limbs and there were two puncture wounds on her muzzle. She had been bitten by a copperhead.

Now, I’ve had numerous dogs bitten by copperheads and none of them had reacted quite this way. My childhood pet Tinker Belle was bitten quite a lot and the only thing we ever did for her was to put some aloe & baking soda on it. Yes, it swelled up a lot but that never stopped her from taking on any snake that ventured into our yard. She always seemed to kill the snake too.

Sam couldn’t quite get over her snake though. She wouldn’t take the ibuprofen I rolled in cheese but I got some Benadryl rolled in cheese into her. Unfortunately, she barfed up the Benadryl up later that night. She wouldn’t eat but she finally started drinking some water the next day. Finally, I couldn’t stand it and called the vet the third day. Something just wasn’t right. She wasn’t bouncing back like she should.

The vet decided to keep her overnight and put her on an IV, so she would get some fluids and food in her, but her blood workup looked good. The next day, she looked ok, was eating canned food, and was a little perkier so they removed the IV. Then, late afternoon, she seemed to regress a little and another blood test showed that she had a urinary tract infection. Another night at the vet, poor baby!

Friday morning, we started driving to Fort Stockton to see Drake for his birthday and Amanda, our pet sitter, was going to bring her home that night if the vet thought she was able to stay home with the other two dogs. Since we were not home to give her the medication, the vet decided to keep her over the weekend.

We picked her up on Monday morning, with instructions on giving her the medication. Four pills, twice a day, until we run out. Today was her last day, thankfully. We used Pill Pockets to give them to her, and she absolutely loves those, but it took 3 of them to get the pills into her!

SoLow has missed her terribly. After dinner, when it gets dark, she starts yelping at the back door to be let in. She no longer likes to be outside after dark and I just can’t blame her.

She is almost back to normal now. She has started disciplining Zandi again when she gets a little too rough. All is just fine now.


4 responses to “Sam Got Bitten by a Snake

  1. Helen Murphy

    You talk so matter-of-factly about snakes. I’ve never ever seen a snake in England. Obviously there are some but I don’t think I even know anybody who has seen one. Anyway so glad to hear all is well with Sam.

    • Helen, one day I’ll write about growing up watching Nonnie shooting copperheads as they slithered underneath our windows looking for something to eat. Yes, I guess I am so matter-of-fact about snakes because they are so common here in the country. That does NOT mean that I have a healthy respect for them. I don’t care what kind of snake it is, I don’t like them, which is a concern for Ed, since he knows that they have a place in the ecosystem. They do keep the mouse and rat populations down, which is important since we don’t have cats. I don’t care; I still hate every last one of them!

  2. I’m so sorry for Sam. She is such a sweet dog. I would have been such a mess if I had been there. So all is on the mend. That’s great!

  3. Great news about Sam. She was one sick llittle dog. I know you’re glad to have her home