A Bird Flew Over…

You know that the stars are not aligned in your favor when Nature turns against you on a daily basis.

Sam had been bitten by a copperhead snake and was in the vet hospital through the weekend, which was probably for the best since we were going to drive out to see Drake for his birthday. But we didn’t get to say goodbye to her and I was a little surprised how much I missed that. Damn snake!

Zandi has decided that I’m so much fun to bite … not nibble, not gnaw … BITE! My poor arms look like they went through a shredder. She enters the house not at a sedate walk but a dead run and aims right for me, mouth open. Either Kim or I stated that she leads with her mouth and that has now become my favorite way of describing her. This is a daily occurrence. Damn those needle-thin teeth!

Last Friday, I went outside to show the zoo to Ken’s wife and kids. I stepped over the concrete blocks, which are used to keep Bob the goat from head-butting the gate open into the inner dog yard, and stepped down on a couple of landscaping rocks. My sandals wobbled, wiggled, and finally slipped to one side, sending me crashing to the ground. Man, did that hurt! I immediately looked up at Ken and his family and every one of them was staring at me. Oh, geez!

“You hurt?” Ken asked. “No, I’m fine.” I wasn’t fine! My right foot hurt where it had been gouged by the rock. In fact, it was bleeding, but no, I was just fine. My left knee, which had helped stop my fall, had been scraped on the concrete, but no, I was fine. I broke my favorite casual sandals, but no, I was fine. Later, my right ankle swelled up and ached, but no, I was fine. I WASN’T FINE! I HURT!!! It seemed to jar everything in my body!

Nowadays it’s more difficult to get my butt up off the ground than it used to be so I had to ask Ken to help me up. Ok, then my pride was hurt. I hate asking for help.

This happened just before we left to go to Fort Stockton for the weekend. I spent the next 8 hours sitting in the car, either driving or riding shotgun. After all that time confined to a sitting position, my ankle and foot swelled and tightened up. Damn rocks!

Saturday, as we headed back home, the skies opened up and we drove through heavy rain for a while. The real fun started when pea-sized hail started hitting my car. Every time a piece hit my sunroof, I could just imagine it shattering! But as much as I worried about the dings, I haven’t found a dent in my sweet car. Damn hail.

Monday, I wasn’t feeling well, so it was a good time for me to keep watch over Sam at the house while Ed left to run errands. I thought she might like to go outside and sit on the deck for a while. That sounded so peaceful and quiet and safe. But no, Nature had another trick up her sleeve. As I was reclining on the blue lounge chair, a bird flew over and dropped a bomb on my clean pants. Seriously? Are you kidding? As many birds as we have out here, I guess I should’ve expected this to happen to one of us, but the bird had to pick me to bomb? Damn birds!

Last night, when I went out to feed the zoo, Lucky, Trixie, and Willow were right there, awaiting my entrance. But there was no Bob. There aren’t many hiding places in that yard, so it didn’t take long to decide he wasn’t there. Then I heard some rustling in the brush just outside the fence. Yes, Bob had gotten out and was gorging on the brush. I shook the food bowl and he came charging toward the back gate. It was easy to get him in but how had he gotten out? If I couldn’t find the place, then he could get out again, as could Willow, who is smaller. No luck, I walked the entire fence line and there was nothing; no holes, no raised fence, nothing. I still have no idea how he got out. Even Ed couldn’t find it. We’ll just have to keep an eye out. Damn goats.

This entire spring, my allergies have been horrendous. The pollen count was in the 6000’s recently and have I suffered. Yesterday, they finally reached the worst. My entire gastro system is now involved, caused by all the drainage. I am miserable!!! Damn allergies!

I’m not sure what to expect tomorrow but I’m considering just sitting on my chaise lounge and asking Ed to handle everything else.


4 responses to “A Bird Flew Over…

  1. Okay – enough bad luck already!! I think you do NEED to stay in your chaise lounge all weekend.

  2. Just a little poem, Kay.

    Little birdie in the sky, dropped some whitewash in my eye. I’m not scared, so I won’t cry, I’m just glad that cows can’t fly!

  3. .I’m sorry this all happened to you but have to admit I pictured you telling it and had to LOL. Do you do stand-up?

  4. Things have to get better. Here’s a funny. Once, in San Antonio,Mops and I were sittig on a brick wall. All of a sudden I had this warm and wet feeling all in my head and shoulders. Yep, a pidgeon from on the roof had pooped on me.