Boring Update

A few people have left some feedback and I thank you all.  And before you ask, Feedback, inside the blog itself, goes into a separate bucket and is private just for me.  Comments, outside the blog, are public so all can see them.  Just FYI because Ed has already asked why I deleted his comment.  LOL

There’s really no consensus on what I should write about.  Here are the results but,  just so you know, only 1 person voted for each thing.

  • More Daily Events
  • More Animal Antics
  • More Family History
  • Specific People:  Megyn Kelly
  • Argyle/Denton County History
  • Come Visit Us; you won’t be bored!
  • And one person griping that we couldn’t be bored:

Boring!? WHAT!..We watch TV until 2 a.m., you get to clean out closets (mine included!), If we decide to eat lunch/breakfast (whatever) at three in the afternoon, so be it (or NOT as the case may be), for variation we can do most of this stuff indoors or outside…no permission required, we have a dog who, when happy to see us, YODELS!, we get to watch the weeds grow as well as the grass, we have our choice of Coke, green tea or Gatorade in the fridge, we get to mingle socially with the crowds at the grocery stores (see…we have more than one to choose from!), depending on the time of the year, we have a variety of insects that come to visit…indoors( we don’t have to go out and brave the elements on bad days), we watch baseball almost every night and don’t have to worry about getting hit with a foul ball (or worse yet, catch it and then have to endure some crying child next to us making a fuss because we didn’t give the ball to him), I could go on, ( and use some semi-colons here and there rather than commas ), but you get the idea. Boring?? NEVER!!

Ok, ok, Ed!  I’m NOT bored; I’m just stuck in waiting mode, for many reasons!

So, if you have anything else you want to hear about, leave me a comment … yes, a true comment, not feedback … so everyone will see your response.  Maybe that will start some discussion.

I did notice that More Politics was NOT clicked so, at least for now, I will stifle myself.  Geez!  I may get an ulcer on that one! (Groan)


One response to “Boring Update

  1. Sorry Kay – I am tired of Politics – it seems to go no where and never end.
    I love reading about you, Ed, your family, your friends, your zoo and your daily events. I always look forward to Kay’s Komments – So STOP thinking your board – you have so much!!

    Love you!