Shaken, not Stirred

It was an interesting Monday this week.

Nonnie was in a partnership with cousins Bill and Jackie, C-J Farms. Nonnie owned most of the land and the C-J owned the cows that grazed on the land. The C-J also owned my great-uncle’s old service station, which it has rented to various tenants since the late 60’s. Due to an issue with Bill’s health, we are dissolving this partnership, so all of the assets must be sold, including the service station.

I remember, as a child, I would ride my bike from the Meadows Store, my mom and dad’s grocery store, past their laundramat and the fruit & vegetable stand, and down to my great-uncle’s service station. I would ride into the service station office, go “Vroom-vroom! Fill ‘er up!” Daddy Bill would act like he was pumping gas into the back of my bicycle. “There you go, ma’am.” I would continue through the office, through the service bay, and back to the grocery store. After riding around a while, back I would go to fill it up again. I’m sure I pestered Daddy Bill a lot with this game but he never complained. You see, I could only ride between the grocery store and the service station. I couldn’t get on Highway 377; traffic went way too fast for that. And who wanted to ride up the Methodist Hill? It was way too steep to be any fun. Man, that was WORK!!! So back and forth I went.

Yes, I had a great childhood, with family all around!

Now we need to sell that old service station and I met my cousin Jackie and a potential buyer there at 9 am Monday morning. We were standing out behind the building when I started to feel a little dizzy. I walked over and leaned against a chain link fence, just to keep my balance, and hopefully stay grounded. Yeah, that didn’t work. I remember Jackie turning to me, asking if I had any other questions, and then next thing I remember, the potential buyer was yelling my name, right in my face. Not a pretty sight, believe me! Yes, I had fainted; apparently, just keeled over.

Suddenly, I had lots of black uniforms and paramedics surrounding me. Jackie, instead of calling 9-1-1, had run next door to the police station for help. I found out later that, in her panic, she had called me Kay Jenkins. Of course, they didn’t know Kay Jenkins. I’ve been Kay Teer since 1973 but it’s amazing where our mind goes when we are panicked! Jackie, you can call me Kay Jenkins any time you want. It reminds me, yet again, that I am not just Ed’s wife, but also a product of Nonnie, Paw-Paw, Georgia Belle, Daddy Red, Aunty, Uncle Walter, Aunt Jewel and Daddy Bill.

The paramedics loaded me into the ambulance, poked and prodded me all the way to Denton Regional and never did get an IV attached to me. They had to do that in the ER. No poking and prodding needed! I just have small and crooked veins that are hard to hit. The ER and the paramedics ran lots of tests and everything looked good. No problems, I swear! I’m fine. They released me and I was back home a little after noon.

Bless her heart, Jackie was so concerned that she followed the ambulance to the hospital and stayed with me until Ed got there. She had called his cell phone. No answer. She called the house phone and got, probably, a groggy hello. I hadn’t awakened him because he didn’t need to go to the meeting so he was still sleeping. He sure got there fast though! He gets so upset when something happens to me or I’m sick, that I’m sure he was scatterbrained at the time. I’m just glad he showed up fully dressed, with his hair combed!

Ed asked Jackie if I had hit my head and she said no, that I had actually fallen gracefully. Gracefully??? I wish I knew how I had done that! I thought when you fainted, you just dropped, but I guess you crumple instead. That’s good, but you try telling my right hip and knee that I was graceful when I landed! Somehow I don’t think they would agree. Yeah, they were a little sore on Tuesday.

Most people thought I needed to stop this diet and eat real food. Jackie thought it was a panic attack. Ken thought I was probably wearing black and that it was the heat. I’m not sure but here is my guess: it was a combination of the heat, a panic attack, and having to listen to someone bloviating on how sweet my mother was. Don’t get me wrong; she was one hell of a woman! But I’m not sure how many people would describe her as “a sweet lady.” Anyway, mentally, I was rolling my eyes, I’m sure.

So, I’ve been doing just fine after that mishap on Monday. I was just a little shaken. Hmmm, I don’t think we ever did find out if that buyer was interested in our terms. Come to think about it, we’ve haven’t heard from him since. Oh, well. We’ll find out Tuesday night if the Town of Argyle is interested.


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