The Time is Here!!!

This week is turning out to be hectic, to say the least!

Saturday, I met with Kyley, from the 3K Land and Cattle company. He will be leasing the land and I will be so glad to have cows back. He says they are friendly as long as you have food to feed them. I’m sure that they will come running once they know that Kim will walk out her front door with treats for them!

Sunday, Sandy and a friend came by to pick up donkeys Lucky and Trixie. Yes, as much as I thoroughly enjoyed having them here, Sandy missed them terribly and wanted them back. They were her “lawnmower” in hard-to-reach places and they were her babies. I understand. They are sweet and I’ll miss them but it was a royal pain during feeding time with donkeys, goats, dogs, and chickens!

Yesterday, I drove down to Southlake to give some supplies to Donni for Drake’s Welcome Home Party on Saturday night. Then it was back to Nonnie’s house to meet Sonia and Ken. We worked all day to get Nonnie’s house ready for Drake and it’s as ready as it will ever be. NOW, I’m starting to get really excited!!!

This afternoon, I go to see Dr. John. No big deal, it’s just my bi-weekly diet checkup. My only concern is that I’m kinda stuck at 31 pounds of weight loss. I’m been on the diet religiously, along with the workout I had yesterday at Nonnie’s house, but I haven’t lost a single pound this week. I feel great though and that’s what I’m really enjoying.

Tonight, we go to the Argyle Town Council meeting, to get the town’s approval to give 5 acres to Kim and Bob and to allow them to use the common driveway with Nonnie’s house. I don’t see any real problem since it passed the Planning & Zoning committee a few weeks ago. Once that hurdle is passed, we can get the final plat done and then the deed finished. Once signed, Kim and Bob can then start on their house. We are ALL going to be so excited to see the land leveling start! They are cutting down very few trees since there is a natural open space just inside the tree-line so their house might be in constant shade but that’s not a bad thing in this sunny, hot Texas summer!

Once the meeting is over, Ed and I will drive down to Fairfield, spend the night, and then go on to Huntsville to pick up Drake. At least, that was the plan this morning. Then I received a pay phone call from Drake about 11:30. He is ready to come home today so he will be coming by bus to Dallas. He arrives sometime between 3:30 and 4 pm today!

I haven’t told Ed this because I want it to be a surprise and it will be a MAJOR surprise for him tonight! Kim has graciously agreed to go pick Drake up in Dallas and will come straight to Argyle Town Hall. They should be there before the meeting starts so I have to get Ed there early. I would love it if we are sitting in our seats when Drake and Kim walk in the door! What a shock it will be! I may start crying but it is SO worth it! I may get someone to take pictures as it happens. I can’t; I’ll be shaking way too much!

Then our week really gets busy! We have to get Drake a current driver’s license, new clothes, and a ton of other things! Ed goes back for an “after surgery” checkup on Friday … no big deal. We meet with the attorney on Thursday for a few Nonnie estate items. Yes, it is going to be a great and busy week!!!


6 responses to “The Time is Here!!!

  1. I spoke to Kim a while ago and heard that the surprise for Ed was wonderful. He couldn’t have been more excited than Lee Scott. Drake called him and all I heard was “Drake? DRAKE!!!!! Are you HOME??”. He then shut the door so I wouldn’t be privy to his conversation. We all are so excited that your dear one is back and look forward to seeing you all on Saturday. I love days like this, don’t you????

  2. I’m so excited for you two. I think I’ll have a tear or two for you. Enjoy this special time with your family – I can relate to the emotion as you know!! Mopsy is getting much better but it is slow. “Hi” to Kim and Donnie – I hope to see them again.
    Love u guys,

  3. Jennifer casey

    I am so happy for all of you. The surprise had to have been priceless!! ENJOY!!!

    Love to all


    • Jenn, I know you are having a blast on vacation. We NEED a Good Ol’ Girls club meeting when you get back home and settled!