My Birthday

These past few weeks have been absolutely wonderful! I love having my baby home again and have totally enjoyed just spending time with him. I don’t think I will ever again take people in my life for granted.

He has taken great delight in making me. I have been on a liquid, doctor-monitored diet and I have indeed cheated quite a few times. Until today, I haven’t gained any weight back, instead losing a total of 33 pounds … until today! It is my birthday and we met Kim and Bob over at Nonnie’s house for a fantastic BBQ lunch. I only ate the meat, no sauce, no potato salad, no bread. I thought I did fairly well, thank you very much! Unfortunately, I had a piece of Oreo ice cream cake and an Oreo cupcake for dessert. Oh, and turkey and ham slices with cheese slices on a few crackers. Ok, not so good, but this is my birthday! I will be really good this week!

I also talked to our son Lee Scott and, even though he wasn’t there today, he was very much a part of making this the best birthday ever! Yes, I got some wonderful presents but the companionship is what I truly enjoyed!

Drake, not being satisfied with normal place settings for 12 people, gave me dinnerware place settings for 16 people! The plates are square, the bowls and cups huge, and everything is so colorful! I absolutely love them and they are going to look great on the outside dining table on the deck, when it gets cool enough to actually eat out there, that is!

Kim and Bob gave me two beads for my Pandora bracelet; one bead with white hearts on a brown background and a dog in a doghouse with a red heart on the back. Now, you might think that’s a little strange but the doghouse represents the house that they are going to build on the land near Nonnie’s house and the dog represents their dog Sophie. From now on, I will always think of their house as “Sophie’s house built with love!”

Lee Scott gave me two more beads for my Pandora bracelet; one round bead that is white with little brown spots and a little dog. I think the dog represents our new puppy Zandi and its tail does actually curve up over its back. It’s adorable!

Ed and I are sharing birthday presents this year. His birthday is September 6th so we are giving each other a trip to a small island just off the coast near Seattle. Our dear friends, Sandy and Mopsy, live there and I’m really looking forward to spending a few days with them just relaxing and spending lots of time talking. No schedules, eating when we get hungry, sleeping when we can’t talk anymore; this will be a great vacation! We are both so looking forward to seeing our friends.

Now, you would think that getting back home and ensconced on the chaise lounge would mean the rest of the day would be relatively drama-free, but, ah, not so. I went out to feed the goats, dogs and chicks about 8 pm. Everything went as normal and I hopped up on top of the chicken coop to wait until the chicks were ready to get back inside for the night.

I’ve been trying to get banty chicks to fly up beside me and get some raisins as treats. The white one, Nona, usually will do that as soon as I shake the container, but the black one, Middy, just can’t fly up that far. I put the food container on the flipped-down door so that it would be easier for her but she’s only used it once before. Last night was the first time she had flown from ground to container to top of the chicken coop with me. After downing some of the raisins last night, she hopped up in my lap and looked around a bit. She even got close to my face and tapped my glasses. I just laughed at her and was very grateful that I was wearing the glasses to protect my eyes! Not long after she hopped in my lap, Nona hopped up beside her and I had both of them trying to roost in my lap! It was so much fun but I had to gather them up and put them back inside the chicken coop when it got dark.

Tonight, Middy, short for Midnight, didn’t even bother with the raisins. She hopped directly into my lap and just snuggled in. I stroke her back and she just wiggles. I talk to her and she peers intently into my face like she can understand every work I say. I know she’s checking out my glasses and watching my lips move but it’s a blast watching her tilt her head and listen. Nona, short for Noname because I couldn’t think of a characteristic to name her for, didn’t get into my lap tonight but got as close as she could to my ankle!

What a way to end a wonderful day, snuggling up to a ball of feathers, on top of a chicken coop, in the twilight. Life is good. Thank you all for making it so!


2 responses to “My Birthday

  1. I love my wife who is so easy to please…a cheap date!…..Ed

  2. We had the BEST time – thanks for letting us be part of your day!!
    xoxoxo Kim