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2013-08-02 London!!!

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We were met after Customs by our driver, Howard. Man, he loved to talk! I didn’t think it was possible to talk non-stop between London Heathrow and near St. Pancras train station but he did just that. Seemed like hours but he was a really nice Brit.

We checked in at Hilton London Euston. It was still too early for our room to be ready so we grabbed the Big Bus tour bus across the street; green line to the red line to the Tower of London. Ed was totally exhausted but I refused to let him sleep. I felt he needed to stay awake as long as he could so that we could get our body clocks on the same wave link as our current time zone. It kinda worked. I went and exchanged our vouchers for tickets and I got a hotdog (awful) and I got Ed fish and chips (worse). Fast food at the Tower of London, hmmm. It perked him up a little bit but he was not doing well. We got to see Traitors Gate and where Anne Boleyn was beheaded but missed the long line for the crown jewels. I got him an audio tour but it was just too much for him, as tired as he was. We took the Big Bus back to the hotel and FINLLY got there. It seemed forever for Ed, I’m sure.

You can’t tell easily but the wild animals in the pictures ares made up of wire mesh. Amazing!!!

Patti, daughter Margaret, and grandson James decided to make it very easy on us and they came to our hotel for tea. Ed quickly got a shower so he was refreshed when they showed up. We had tea, coffee, and scones and it was great just sitting and talking with Patti. Ed said she was much more vivacious than she usually is when she comes to visit Texas. Duh! I’m sure she says the same about us now!

Margaret had trouble enjoying the visit as she had to keep up with a very active two-year-old. I think she was concerned that Patti and we weren’t enjoying the visit but we did, thoroughly! They didn’t stay all that long but it was SO great to see Patti and to meet Margaret & James. Patti looked good but it was funny about Margaret. You could hear a little bit of London and a little bit of Texas in her voice. I didn’t hear much London in Patti’s voice though.

We ate dinner after they left, went back to the room and totally collapsed!

Just as I was starting to go to bed, Ed’s cell phone rang. What????? It was Drake, just checking to see if he could get us. How funny! I had forgotten to put Ed’s phone on Airplane Mode so that was quite an expensive call but it definitely was worth it. It was great to he
ar his voice. It’s amazing how much you miss home and the people you left behind, not to mention the dogs and goat and chickens and the garden and my massage therapist and my manicurist and … yeah, I was homesick a little. But it was good to know that we could get in touch with home if needed.

Tomorrow, the train from St. Pancras to Brusssels!


2013-08-01b British Airways

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