2013-08-01b British Airways

13A, facing the back of the plane; 13B, facing the front of the plane; Business Class. My favorite way to fly! British Airways is tops in my book. It makes American look so provincial, to say the least! I had the window seat, 13A, but the window shade pretty much stayed closed for the duration. There was a mini-wall in between Ed and me, which housed all the electronic stuff, and our seats lowered from many different chair positions, to all the way down flat. There was a gourmet dinner, but the most fun was watching the map of the plane, plotting our progress across the pond.

You know, you’d think that it would be an ocean view for the entire trip but it wasn’t that way. We went from Washington, D.C. to the coast and then up the coastline. We passed Boston, Mass, Bangor, Maine, St. John, Canada. And the sunset was magnificent! Maroon, to red, to orange, a little yellow, a little green, light blue graduating slowly to black. I know it’s time for sleep but I just can’t. I’m not sleepy and I WILL regret this tomorrow … errrrr, later today, that is.

Well, it looks like I got a few hours of sleep. Ed, on the other hand, got none and is looking a little worse for wear, bless his heart. We will be landing in about 30 minutes. Ed will need lots of handholding I’m afraid. Today will be VERY long for him, but he’ll have to hold it together until we can check in


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  1. Gosh, I’m so envious of you in 1st class. We’ll do that someday. I also like BA. We flew them from NY to Amsterdam and back home from Budapest. Wonderful!! Keep us posted as I just love to read your comments. Great pic of Ed. Enjoy!
    Love u guys,