2013-08-03 St Pancras and Train Travel

We will call Drake again later so Ed can talk to him but, right now, we are trying to get out of this hotel by 9:30 to head over to St Pancras train station.

Well, we couldn’t check any bags to we had to cart 6 bags, along with my purse, through the station, through passport control, and to the train. What a bugger! We were among the last to board Coach 1 so we had to store our bags in Coach 3 but at least they helped us load them. Then it was back to Coach 1, seats 63 an 64. There was a family of grandma, mom, dad, and 2 kids traveling in our little area. Both kids were small, maybe 5 years old and 1 year old and they were quite unruly and VERY loud. I finally put my earbuds in and turned up Diana Krall to drown out the yelling. Ed finally dozed for a while, I think out of pure exhaustion listening to them! Thankfully, we all disembarked in Brussels. Unfortunately, we had to cart all the bags again to the next train.

The signage could be better at the Brussels train station. We were lost immediately after leaving the platform. We finally had to ask. Where is platform 5A? Where can we get something to eat? Where is the toilet? Where is the lift from the terminal to the platform? Geez!!!

Not only are my ankles swollen, my feet are swollen as well. Beware, children! The problem with traveling is the wear and tear on your body!


We did find a small deli and got a pastry and drink. We decided to forgo a decent restaurant and toilet because we had to go all the way to the main terminal building and we just really didn’t want to be rushed. No point in that, no point indeed, so we actually got a seat on the platform.

We were, however, one of the last to board. Our bags, once again, were too large for our coach so we had to put the two largest ones in the next coach and our medium-sized ones in the hallway of our coach. Thankfully, we only had my rolling briefcase, my purse, and Ed’s carry-on duffle bag at our seat.

Ahhh, comfortable seats at last! At every stop though, we had to go check our bags in the hall so we were up and down until enough people disembarked that I could put the bags into the luggage area. Sigh. We did go through the Chunnel. At least I assume we did, since we didn’t see the approach, and it was dark for about 20 minutes. I was so hoping to see the English coastline from the train but it just wasn’t possible. That’s ok though. We will get to see a lot of coastline on this trip, I’m sure.

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