2013-08-05 Shore to Ship

Did you think it was a short trip by taxi from the train to the hotel? Well, it was almost as short from the hotel to the ship! Stu and Dena had booked their airfare through Holland America so they were transported by bus, with people to help them with their luggage the entire way from their hotel room to their shipboard cabin. We had used American Airlines air miles so we are responsible for all transfers. That’s ok. We just hopped a cab for the few blocks to the ship. We had control of our bags until we checked in but they did deliver them to our cabin for us.

We met Stu and Dena at their extra-special cabin on the top deck. Cabin 008 was all that they had played it up to be. Stu was contacted before the trip and asked if he wanted to upgrade their cabin for a VERY low price. Duh!!! He said yes, of course, but he did not tell Dena about it. She had no clue until they walked into their suite, containing a bedroom, master bath, dining room, living room, bar, sitting area, and balcony. How fabulous! Our cabin was not bad either. It had a bed, a small couch, a mini-bar, a built-in desk/makeup table, bath with a tub, a walk-in closet, and a small balcony. Do you now how great it is to be able to lie in bed and watch the shore go past? Or having a drink, seated on the balcony and the waves go flowing by? Peaceful, calm, restful, and breezy, to say the least!

We went to the Crow’s Nest for drinks and a general trivia quiz. We didn’t do too badly as a group: 7 out of 16 answers. We expected fewer correct answers, especially since we were ALL drinking! We just had a blast talking with Stu and Dena, with no time limits except for growling stomachs and drooping eyes. What a great day!!!


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