2013-08-06 Ship at Sea

Ah, a ship at sea! So relaxing! We didn’t really do much except sleep and rest. We did wander down to the ship stores after we met Stu and Dena in the Crow’s Nest for drinks before dinner. You know, we really should actually read those daily schedules they put on our door every night for the next day. It was a formal dinner and they were dressed up. We were casual but a “smart casual,” so we didn’t wear jeans or shorts, at least! But we just didn’t feel right going to the formal dinner in slacks. We ran up to the Lido deck but they had just closed down their open buffet dinner. We stopped by other places but they were full and we would’ve had to wait. We weren’t really hungry so we just went back to the room and collapsed. You know, when you are used to eating just one meal a day, three full meals a day is a way too much!

I couldn’t believe it! When you forget to pack my mascara, you just feel like your face is naked, regardless that you have base, powder, blush, and eye shadow! Mascara is what really brings out your eyes and I just didn’t feel all put together for a few days. Well, Stu and Dena stopped by our cabin after their dinner. Dena handed me some mascara she had found in the ship store and wanted to wish me a Happy Birthday. I loved it! NOW I feel put together and am in a much better mood. How sweet is Dena for thinking of me, huh?


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