2013-08-07 Milford Haven

Immigration. I would not have thought that we would need to go through immigration in Wales. I know, I know; different country = immigration. I just didn’t think about it. I hope we don’t have to do this for EVERY different country we visit. How tedious!

We went to Immigration to pick up a card from the local immigration officers. They needed to check that we matched our picture ids. Then we gave our passport to the ship’s crew and received a receipt in return. We will pick up our passport toward the end of the cruise.

Then we went down to pick up tender pass. What is a tender pass, you ask? We needed a pass to board their boat that will take us to shore. Because this is an ocean-going vessel, they can’t get in close to some of the docks like the flat-bottomed river barges can, so they have to cart us from the ship to the shore in a tender. So we show them our excursion ticket and they put a little stick-on number on our shirt that matches the bus number that we need to board when we get off of the boat.

We met up with Stu and Dena and then had to wait until they called tender pass number 8. Yes, it was a cattle-call in the Showroom! Then we went down to deck 4 to disembark, after they scanned our door key. Sigh. What a hassle, yet it’s nice to know that someone will care if we don’t show up on the boat.

We saw the town of Tenby, which was interesting. Ed found a hat while we were there. Until he saw that it was made in China, he really enjoyed wearing it! I did hear a term that I don’t think I’d heard before. You know those yellow speed bumps that you see everywhere? They call them “sleeping policemen” over here. And the leek is the national symbol of Wales. Yeah, I had the same reaction! ???

We then visited Carew Castle. Remember Helen of Troy? Wales has Nest of Wales. Man, that was one active woman! She had one child before marriage and five more while married to a Norman. Then while kidnapped, she had three more, before being returned to her husband. Then she remarried after her husband’s death but no more children for her. Can you imagine going through childbirth eight times in one lifetime? I sure can’t.

I think my favorite part was our tour guide. You can’t really tell from the picture but he was wearing a red and white striped shirt and mustard trousers, with a matching red, white, and mustard tie. Instead of telling us about Nest, he had volunteers to play the parts. What a hoot!!! Yes, I will remember Milford Haven but not really for the castle!

We had a late lunch on the Lido deck with Stu and Dena, dinner at 8, and karaoke at 9. Now, did you really think I would miss karaoke if they had it somewhere close? No way! Unfortunately, they had no Michael Buble or Diana Krall songs, but they did have some country. I haven’t done karaoke in so long that I was not that good, especially since the tv screen was missing the left half of the screen on the first song, Walkin’ After Midnight. The screen came back to life for the next one, Love Can Build A Bridge, so that song went much better. But in fact, it’s been years since I sang these songs so I was very tentative. If I can bring my CD next week, I can do some of my songs but it depends upon whether the KJ can utilize my CD. We’ll see. Can’t wait for next week!


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