2013-08-08 Liverpool!!!

Due to the tides, we came into port an hour late, docking around 10 a.m. Haze and mist were on the water but there was beautiful sunshine when we disembarked. No tender today! There was, however, a very long walk on the gangway with Stu and Dena. We had to wait on the bus for stragglers so that made us have an even later start to the day.

We stopped by the main library and a beautiful little square. Ed, Stu and Dena walked up to the top of the hill to see a statue but I stayed on the bus this time. Ed got a good photo of the Empire Theater, where the Beatles played their last concert before they broke up. Yes, finally we got to see something related to the Beatles! Queen Victoria riding side-saddle and the Duke of Wellington were two of the statues he saw. I was mesmerized by St. John’s Garden. It was peaceful and had a lot of people enjoying the sunshine.

I was so excited! Stu took a picture of Ed on Penny Lane! Yeah, it wasn’t where they took the picture of the Beatles crossing the street but it was a calm part of the street so none of us would get hit.

We drove by the elegant Anglican Church but didn’t stop. We did stop at the Catholic Church. It wasn’t as impressive as the Anglican on the outside, but Stu and Dena said it was gorgeous and huge inside. I actually walked around the outside and enjoyed the sunshine, while Ed stayed on the bus this time. He said they took the bus back to the Anglican Church for about 45 minutes before they returned to retrieve us. See? Even when you don’t take advantage of getting off the bus to look around, you still enjoy the trip.

We called Drake when we got back from dinner at La Fontaine onboard. They served Chicken Kiev, which is my all-time favorite chicken dish. Yeah, I was in hog heaven … literally, I think! I kinda pigged out. It was a great conversation with Drake. I kept waiting for Kim to pop up on Skype. Sigh…no one was sitting by their computer just waiting for us to call … I don’t understand it! Finally, I texted Drake, who texted Kim. Meanwhile, we called Lee and told him all the Beatles stuff we had seen and that Ed had his picture on Penny Lane taken just for Lee Scott.

It was a wonderful day! And, yes, we did get to talk to Kim, after we talked to Drake once again. Geez! We SO need to just set up a standing time to talk to everyone on Skype!


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