2013-08-09 Dublin

They cancelled today’s Whiskey Tour!!! Arghhhh!!!

That’s ok, actually. We slept in and took the shuttle to the Trinity College area. We stopped, first thing, at a local store and found an Irish cap for Ed. He was thrilled and has actually worn it most days ever since then. I found a hat that matches the Aran sweater than I had gotten when Nonnie and I were here 20 years ago. I love it! This one is not an exact match to my sweater, except for the yarn, but it does have a very distinctive pattern that I’m going to try to duplicate when I get home. Watch out, folks! I’ll be practicing on this pattern for the next few months so you already know what you’ll be getting for Christmas!

We walked down Grafton Street, a pedestrian walkway today and a good place to go shopping, and heard various musical groups playing every few feet it seemed. We were just wandering, you know? No special place to go or thing to do. But then I saw Duke Street. My dad’s nickname was the Duke of Argyle so I thought, why not? Besides, something rang a bell in the back of my mind about Duke Street but it just wouldn’t come forward. Then I saw it. The Duke pub on Duke Street. This was listed as the beginning of the literary pub crawl in Dublin. Yeah, I have no idea what made this pub crawl literary but I did remember the name of the pub AND I had the Dallas Morning-News article in my purse.

Having a Guinness at a pub in Dublin was just perfect. The Guinness there is not anything like what we get in the states. It’s thicker, with a hefty head to it. Even I loved it and I just don’t drink beer … unless I’m singing karaoke, of course!

Then we went on to Trinity College. It is a fabulous university and very old. Nonnie and I had been here and she just had to see the Book of Kells. This time, Ed and I took a tour, short but absolutely great! Our tour guide was an undergraduate student. He was funny, he had fun giving the tour, and he really looked out for us, to make sure that we got in to see the Book of Kells even though there was a long line. I just couldn’t get over looking at something that was started in Scotland in the 800’s yet ended up in Kells, Ireland, and then Dublin. Amazing!

Our last tour of the day was a dinner tour with Stu and Dena. A bus took us to Abbey Tavern in Howth, a nice ride through the countryside, and we celebrated being in Ireland with traditional Irish food, more Guinness, and Irish whiskey at the end. A small group of artists performed lots of Irish songs and a troop of dancers entertained us with traditional Irish dancing. What fun we had watching them all. I wish I had known more of the songs they sang. Maybe I’ll start working on that when I get home?

Did you expect a picture of something on Trinity College campus? Or The Duke? Or our tour guide? Nay, not so. This poster was in each first floor window of the main library. They are very proud of their kinsfolk here in Dublin.


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