2013-08-10 Dublin

Pure torture! I decided to have an ionatherapy session at the Spa next door. I just wanted to get rid of some water weight that I haven’t been able to shed since the flights from D/FW to London. My ankles and feet look pudgy and my calves look and feel like sausages!!! I may end up with stretch marks after this trip! She lathered me up with lotion and oil and then put electrodes on my upper thighs. Thirty minutes of electric pulses that curled my toes! I didn’t need to exercise because my thighs ached for two days straight! I lost 4 inches from my hips to my calves. That would be a quarter of an inch every time she moved the tape, every few inches. I’m not going back though. My ankles are still swollen! I’m hoping the deep tissue massage that I’m signed up for later in the trip will help.

081413_0832_20130810Dub1.jpgAt 2 pm, we took the Whiskey in the Jar tour. They had cancelled it for the day before but today’s tour was still available. We had 18 tourists on the bus, plus the tour guide and driver. We did a driving tour of Dublin and saw many of the same places that Ed and I had seen the day before but we saw other scenes also, e.g. the “Dublin Doors.” Then we enjoyed the Jameson tour of their brewery. It’s not a working brewery any more but it’s been restored to the original building. The best part? The tasting at the end, of course! I’m not a big drinker but I have found there are certain ones I like, especially in Ireland. Jameson’s whiskey and ginger ale with a twist of lime is great! I love it when I get to add another drink to my list.

I have to tell you, I wore a scarf that Donni knitted for me, along with a dangle that slides to the middle of the scarf at dinner. It’s a heart and I thought it was perfect for this. A woman in the ship’s elevator complimented me on both and wanted to know where I’d gotten them. “My best friend,” I replied before I even had time to think about it. It’s true. Strange, but true. Ed told me later that I’d missed a great opportunity. I should’ve answered with a sweet smile, “My husband’s ex-wife and I LOVE it!”


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