2013-08-11 At Sea Again

“I miss my dogs.” That’s the first thing out of Ed’s mouth this morning. He hadn’t even opened his eyes yet! We’ve been away from home too long.

Today was an easy day at sea but it was not an easy sea. Taking a shower in a raised bath tub, on a rolling ship, is difficult at best but getting out of that tub is downright dangerous, especially for a short person!

It was a formal dinner tonight and we were ready for it. I had brought a nice top and pair of pants but I found a really pretty silver and black sequined stop in the ship’s store that I just had to have. It was sleeveless … and I no longer wear sleeveless … so I needed something with sleeves to go over it. Well, of course, that meant another trip down to the store, technically to see if they had a shirt for Ed. They didn’t but I did find a simple, long black sweater to go over my top.

The ship was really been rolling all day. We had been scheduled to go across the northern top of the island to Foynes but didn’t because the swells were so big. If it’s this rolling on the southern route, how bad would it have been if we’d gone the northern route??? The captain had said that he didn’t think 50% of the passengers would’ve made it to dinner on the northern route. It looks like we all made it to dinner tonight but I think they might’ve had a run on sea-sickness pills!

Happy Birthday, Nonnie!


One response to “2013-08-11 At Sea Again

  1. We’re loving your daily Komments. Hope the seas calm down for you..