2013-08-12 Galway

6 am! Grrrrr! Who gets up at 6 am while on vacation??? We do!

At 8:15, we took the tender to the dock and then thoroughly enjoyed a bus tour of Galway. The highlight for me though was Rathboun Farm (http://www.rathbaunfarm.com/). We had a full bus for this excursion and when you saw the little lambs, you knew why you had selected this one.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. First we had tea or coffee, along with home-made scones. They were great with no-salt butter and strawberry jam. We were actually in a small banquet room that had been added to the original old thatch-roofed cottage. In each window, they had put books on various locations around the world; e.g. Chicago, Arizona, Australia. Then I noticed a shelf along the top of one wall and on that shelf, there was a clock that looked vaguely familiar. While the sides were a different shape, the face of the clock and the basic finish were the exact same style as the one on Nonnie’s fireplace. I almost fell off the bench I was sitting on! My mom had an Irish clock in Argyle, Tx. The one on their shelf was 150 years old. I’ll have to check Nonnie’s clock for any markings and see if I can match it to their authentic Irish clock.

When we were done, Finton and his border collie shepherded us to the barn, where various breeds of sheep were housed, along with some lambs that were just so cute! Finton and his border collie moved a herd of sheep from one end of the pen to the other and into a small holding area. From the herd, Finton selected one sheep and sheered it. Then he brought in two of the baby lambs and let some of our group feed them bottles of milk. Man, were they pushy!!! It was so much fun to watch and they were so cute that you just wanted to give them gobs of hugs!

I have to tell you that the collie was quite a character. He came out to greet the bus but acted like he’d never seen one before, much less the people who got off that contraption! He stayed right beside Finton and you could tell that Finton was his master and he loved him dearly. When Finton was talking to us, the collie was leaning against him, nudging his hand, and circling him. He even jumped up and put his front paws in the middle of Finton’s back. Finton never skipped a beat. He automatically put his hand behind him, scratched what he could reach, and never faltered in what he was saying. I thought Daisy, our oldest Sheltie rescue, was needy but she had NOTHING on this border collie!

We had dinner with Stu and Dena on the Lido deck. Stu’s allergies apparently kicked up last night so he didn’t get a lot of sleep. He stayed on the ship while Dena took a tour by herself. He was back to being himself by dinner but he was quiet and we all were very tired.


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