2013-08-13 Foynes and Limerick City

Ok, I was NOT organized today! I thought I was but I lost my light-weight jacket before we even got on the bus for our tour. I ran back and looked as far as I thought I could without missing the bus but there was nothing. Bummer! I liked that jacket. At least we didn’t have to use the tender today. We were right next to the dock in Foynes so it was just a quick dart back on board. Ed had gone on to the bus and he was a little concerned about what to do if the bus left without me but I made it back just fine.

I usually don’t follow English sports but we got quite the lecture from our tour guide on hurling, Irish football (and how it’s different from British football), and rugby. I know Ed napped on the drive to Limerick City and I think I napped on the way back to the ship. I’m sure it meant more to others than it did to me but I was bored.

Limerick City is on the River Shannon, as is Foynes, and the river is huge! The town is really split up into Irish Town and English Town, bordered by the Abbey River, and we drove through both sides. We stopped at King John’s Castle and saw the Treaty Stone on the opposite bank of the River Shannon. It really was beautiful country and there are flowers everywhere!!!

We stopped at Durty Nelly’s on the way back to the ship for an Irish Coffee. I love coffee but really am not a fan of Irish Coffee. It is just a little bitter for me with the bite of the whiskey. Not here! It was fabulous!!! Smooth and warming.

Across the street from Durty Nelly’s was a shopping area and we did cross the street for two reasons. I needed a light jacket to replace the one I had lost and Ed wanted to stop by an ATM. We accomplished both and much more. We went to the Blarney Woolen Mill and stocked up on some clothing. Ed wanted some different shirts and I just wanted something that screamed IRISH! Well, it doesn’t scream Irish but it’ll do.

By the way, Ed had gotten an Irish tam (I think that’s what you call it) in Ireland and we have all decided that this is Ed’s new style. He needs many more of these caps because he looks just fabulous in them!


3 responses to “2013-08-13 Foynes and Limerick City

  1. I heartily agree with you on the Tam. He looks great!! Enjoy!!

  2. Helen Murphy

    Really enjoying your blogs from the trip. Keep them coming. Thanks. x

  3. Looks great!!!