2013-08-14 Cobh


Cobh, pronounced “cove.” This is the port for Cork. No tender was needed today but there wasn’t much within walking distance from the ship.

We actually got to sleep in a bit because our tour didn’t leave until 12:45. Sitting on the balcony of our cabin, crocheting, and watching the boats and ships go by, with a cool breeze to ruffle the hair, now that’s peaceful and restful!

Our tour took us through Cork, through the countryside, to Kinsale, a quaint little town. We walked around for a bit and ate lunch at Dino’s Restaurant. They are known for their fish ‘n chips so you know what we just had to have. Yes, they were great, much better than what we got in London and Ed said the local cider wasn’t bad either.

Note: This notion that anything over 25 years old is an antique is just wrong! I wish I had brought my Aran sweater that I got when Nonnie and I were here 20 years ago. I totally refuse to believe that it is an antique in five years. It still looks brand new and I sure could’ve used it on some of these excursions.


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