2013-08-17 Ship at Sea for the Last Time

Ahhhh, a slow day! I ran around the ship doing various things until mid-afternoon. I played bingo at 10:30. It was a special bingo game … only one. You paid $20 for 3 bingo cards and you could win a free cruise for 2 all around Mexico. I didn’t win. Bummer but I’m not sure I’d take that cruise anyway. I probably would’ve given it to Stu and Dena. I loved this cruise but I think I’m so used to river barges that I missed the “smallness” of the barge.

I finally broke down and had my nails done at 1:45 at the Greenhouse Salon and Spa. I had to do something! My nails had grown out so much that I was actually afraid I would tear them up on the trip home. I usually get gel nails but they didn’t have that on the ship. They did do shellac nails and the technician put the shellac nails over my gel ones. I was impressed with her work. She was from Jamaica and I loved her accent! She was thorough and seemed dedicated to doing a good job. I wish she had a shop in Argyle! I don’t know if my nails would be strong enough to handle totally shellacked nails or not but it would be interesting to try it.

Yes, it was a very slow day but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even had an afternoon nap, which I don’t do very often! It ended with a nice dinner with Stu and Dena. We have lots of fun with them, even when we are talking renewable energy or politics!


One response to “2013-08-17 Ship at Sea for the Last Time

  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying your trip. Got somewhat concerned over last 2 days as you didn’t post any news. Glad everything o.k.