2013-08-19 Ed’s Day From Hell – Part 1

Wake up at 6:30. Out the stateroom door before 8. Off the ship by 8:30. At the railroad station before 10. On the train by 11. On our way to London! Whew!!! Barely had time to see the sunrise.

The Thalys train was really nice. Comfortable seats that you could partially lean back if you wanted to sleep a little. A guy came by with a cart, like the ones on an airplane, with free drinks and snacks. We really did feel First Class pampered! It was one of those bullet trains that zipped you by the countryside so fast that you couldn’t see what was closest to you. Ed took a video of it, which I will post at a later date. Amazing trip to Brussels!

Brussels. Train station. This is one station that I could miss from now on! We arrived in an offshoot of the main terminal. I remembered that from our trip from London to Amsterdam, so I knew there was only one place to eat (a deli) and no bathrooms I that area. We needed to go to the main terminal ad we had more than enough time to kill, waiting on the posting of our outbound train to London. Ok, so the bathroom was the first order of business. I’ve decided that it’s just too rocky to go on the train!

We entered the main terminal and looked down this long hall and, thankfully, saw a station map. That was great but I couldn’t find a restroom anywhere nearby. I must have been missing something because The States usually has a restroom every so many feet in an airport or a train station. Nay, not so, in Brussels! We started walking and looking for one and when we got to the end of the hallway, I gave up and went into a store and asked. With her heavy accent, I had difficulty understanding her English but I knew she said something about going around the corner and then left, then right, and something about being quick. Geez! How far away was this thing!!!

So around the corner to the right and then left, we went. It dead ended after only a few stores, so we turned right. It seemed we walked forever, with no luck. So I stopped by yet another store and asked. “Keep going straight down this hallway, past the quick, and you’ll run into it.” Past the quick??? What the blue was that??? We walked all the way to the end and we finally saw the sign: WC. Finally!!! And yes, on our left was a store called Quick. It was a fast food restaurant with burgers and such, with lots of kids and parents. You know, we’ve decided that Brussels really needs some help on their signage.

I watched the bags while Ed entered the doorway. Men and women were entering the same hallway so I assumed that there was a door somewhere at the end of that hallway. I was wrong. When the hallway ended, you either turned left for women or right for men. No doorway. Just the bathroom. At least there were individual stalls but it was all kind of open. It seemed to take Ed forever and I was starting to look for a place to sit down but I was afraid to leave the area because I knew that Ed would never find me. I never realized how much we take our cell phones for granted nowadays!

Yes, I had my own turn at figuring out where to go, once Ed got back. Standing in the line that wound out of the women’s restroom area and into the coed area, I noticed 2 women who turned right instead of left. They were gone a few minutes and then came into the women’s area, just giggling and blushing. Yeah, ALWAYS read the signs before you enter any unknown area! I could go on about what I witnessed in the Brussels sole restroom but I will refrain. Maybe in a later post.  Hmmm, maybe not!


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