Nonnie Notes

It is finally that time.  I am going to try to actually publish Nonnie Notes.  I have included not only my blog entries but some of your replies as well.  If you would like to read your replies before they are published, please contact me and I will privately send you a link to my Dropbox.  The entire manuscript is there and ready for your perusal.

Surprisingly, I have an index at the back of the PDF so that you can find names quickly.  I hope that makes it easy for you to research.  Thank you so much for your support during that difficult time!  I truly hope that, by publishing our journey, we can help others in similar situations.

Hope you are all doing well!



4 responses to “Nonnie Notes

  1. Jennifer Casey


  2. I have had interest. Now it is time to act. I just want to make sure that everyone is okay with being in the book. I feel they are but I’d rather be sure.

  3. Mike Landry

    Hello Kay! Hope you, Ed and your son are doing well. A book? Cool! Can I pre-order!? Still miss your mom. She was a challenge and a bucket full of my memories as a Landman.

  4. How wonderful, Kay. I will always remember your Nonnie as a good and true friend. She is missed by more than your family. Lou