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My New Country Song

I have decided to write a country song. I don’t think I ever really believed the old songs that talked about the songwriter’s dog dying, the truck being stolen, the house burning down, and the spouse leaving ‘em. I mean, really??? If all that happened to me, I don’t think I would be writing a song about it!

Well, on the other hand, maybe I’ve got my own song to write this week. It might go something like this:

My son’s mad at the world and he won’t call.

Hubby’s been using me for a walking cane, so he won’t fall.

My old dawg quit eatin’ and then she passed.

What a week this has been! Geez, how long can it last?


When I stopped by Mom’s house, I set off the alarm.

The Meadows Building is costing a leg and arm.

Dog Sam has a danged infection; allergies are just that way.

Goat Bob likes to head-butt me and that’s on a good day!


Friday afternoon, to surgery Hubby will go

To fix his pain in the neck … and mine too, you know?

Termites have invaded Mom’s storage barn and garage.

What more can go wrong? Surely, it’s all been a mirage!



Getting Away During Thanksgiving

I have traveled most of my adult life but it’s usually been on airplanes.  I’ve always been in a hurry to get somewhere or to get home, it seems.  This year, I just didn’t want to stay home during the Thanksgiving holiday, my first without Nonnie, so I started looking for a totally different way to travel.  I’ve been in commuter trains, jet planes, prop planes, cars, SUVs, trucks, boats, ferries, river barges, and even on a horse years ago.  But I’ve never been on a cruise ship or an overnight sleeper car on a train .  Ed has taken a cruise so a sleeper car would be something new for both Ed and me.  You know, a sleeper car with the bunk bed that pulls down, just like in old movies?   

So where to go? Hmmm.   Amtrak has sleeper cars and the Texas Eagle runs all the way from San Antonio to Chicago.  Twenty-three and a half hours on a train from Fort Worth to Chicago?  That would work.  How fun and how peaceful could you get?  No TV.  No Internet.  Someone else doing the cooking and serving and cleaning up.  That’s it!  Let’s go! 

It was supposed to get cold over the holiday, so I decided to board the dogs at the American Pet Spa and Resort (  Boy, does sounds ostentatious, doesn’t it?  It looks like a replica of an Old West town and the people are great.  Not only that, but they also have an animal rescue area, Ranch Hand Rescue (, adjacent to the pet boarding area so I feel like I’m helping out both entities by boarding the girls there.  We found out later that all of the girls felt differently about the whole experience.  They were boarded in the same kennel so they did have each other to play with but this was their first time away from home for an extended time.  As we expected, SoLow was scared to be left and Stephi just took it all in stride.  Sam just wouldn’t walk away from us to go to the kennel so I had to walk back there with her.  Once she saw the other 2, she was fine.

Now, I wasn’t about to take the goats or the turtle Fred anywhere though.  We again had Amanda from our vet’s office, Chisholm Oaks Vet (, stop by and feed them daily so they were well taken care of in our absence.  In fact, I don’t know that Bob, Willow or Fred even realized we were gone and that is a good thing!  We also informed our vet that if the kennel had problems with any of the girls, they would call the vet before they would even call me.  This vet is fabulous!  I trust them implicitly to take care of my girls in the best way they can.

…to be continued

You know the day is not going to be good when …

… you wake up feeling like you just didn’t quite get enough sleep.  Darn, SoLow!!!!  I wish she would quit waking me up in the middle of the night, because she wants to go outside to explore with Sam!  That just starts the day off sluggish!  So what do you do to start feeling better?  You go outside to see your pets and get hugs from those that give them.  Yes, the three dogs were right there but they wanted to play more than they wanted hugs, so I went to see Bob and Willow, the goats.

Bob always gives hugs.  Bob is a good boy.  He head-butts when he wants to play but he does it gently, not like when he head-butts Willow, believe me!  I think they just want to hear their horns click as loud as they can, because they rise up on their back feet, cock their heads to one side, and slam down on each other, horns first.  Ouch!!!  But when Bob wants to play with me, he just pushes at me with his horns because he knows that I don’t have horns to make that clicking sound.  Well, officially, I don’t have horns but there is a debate on whether I had them removed or not.

I went out and sat on the cement block next to their water bowl and snuggled with Bob a bit and was in a much better mood when I stood up.  Unfortunately, Bob took that opportunity to go over and push the gate open and run into the dogs’ yard.  Crap!  Bob, get outta there!  SoLow was so scared that Bob had gotten in that she jumped on the back door, opened it and ran inside, with Sam right behind her, Bob right on her tail and me bringing up the rear.  CRAP!  CRAP! CRAP! 

Have you ever noticed that goats always stay outside?  That’s because we usually don’t put diapers on them and let them into the house.  Here I had a nervous little dog barking, an excited goat running throughout the atrium and living room, hooves making a great clicking sound on the tile, and Sam following along behind cleaning up after the goat!  I’m running around trying to get ahead of Bob so that I could herd him out the back door, flapping my arms and yelling “NO, NO, NO!!!” and Bob is just enjoying the new view he’s getting of my life.  Talk about a Keystone Cops routine!  Fred, the turtle, dives back into the middle of the pond in the atrium as Bob trots past and leisurely reaches out to grab a leaf in passing.  OMG!  Now he’s de-leafing my bamboo!!!  ARGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

Thankfully, he’s not a stupid goat and heads for the back door, with all three of us following.  I know he went back to his own yard voluntarily and it was really not anything the dogs or I did to scare him, but I like to think we chased him out of the house through the dogs’ yard and back with Willow, who had been staring at the open gates and door in awe.  Seriously, she had never moved the entire time and her mouth was hanging open.  I slammed the gate shut as fast as I could and collapsed in the only chair in the dogs’ yard, breathing heavy and hugging SoLow as if we had just survived a very dangerous situation together.   Bob just looked happy to be strutting around Willow, bragging on what he had done and she didn’t!

SoLow and I both had to retire back to bed for another hour to rest our pounding hearts and calm down.  So much for a relaxing autumn day at home in the country!