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My Summer of Discontent

This summer has been agonizing for me. I haven’t felt like writing. I haven’t felt like singing. I haven’t felt like moving. I haven’t felt like doing anything! I am waiting … waiting for so many things. I feel that … Continue reading


Australia – New Zealand – NZ

When I met Ed, he was looking into emigrating from the U.S. to Australia, but after we met, he changed his mind.  I had never traveled that much back then … I was only 19, remember … so I got interested in … Continue reading

A Necessary Monthly Sinful Pleasure

Ok, Ok!  Wednesday, I went to the massage therapist, Linda, here in the Meadows Building in little Argyle, TX, and had a massage.  

All my muscles ached but I didn’t realize how much until Linda got ahold of them.  My shoulders, my neck, my back, all were very tight and ached.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much you clench your hands during the day or how tight they get just in daily activities.  And let’s don’t even mention feet!  If you like to get a pedicure, you will absolutely LOVE a massage.  If you sit at a desk every day and you don’t have an ergonomically designed chair, you may have low back pain.  Sometimes, especially when you first stand up and start walking, you’ll get a sharp pain in your lower back, and you know you’ve been sitting too long and have gotten stiff. 

Stress affects all of your muscles, not just your shoulders.  If you live with stress, as I did, your body stays tight and it suffers.  I have lived with steady stress for over 15 years, with my job, with traveling, and with normal family issues.  None of the three areas were major but when combined, the stress was fairly constant.  I never realized what it was doing to my body, until my body finally gave in last April 29th.

Ed and I had gone out to eat dinner at one of our favorite places in Denton.  We discussed, among many other things, my job, our son and daughter-in-law, and my mom’s deteriorating mental health.  We had been home only about 30 minutes when I got violently ill.  I lost all control of my bodily functions, couldn’t walk, and was barely coherent.  Ed called the ambulance and I ended up in the hospital for 6 days.  It started out as food poisoning but they soon determined that my potassium level was so low that I needed not only fluids in my system, I needed a heart monitor, so I was moved to a special floor.   I also had ulcerative colitis, ulcers in the intestine.  Yes, I was one sick little puppy!

I don’t remember much about the next few days.  I slept a great deal and even when I was awake, I really couldn’t focus on anything.  People stopped by to see me and called but I don’t remember much of what was said.  All 6 of those days, I couldn’t stand extraneous noises, so the television stayed off most of the time.  For anyone who knows me, they know I’m a news junkie and I usually keep the TV on, so that I can keep up with current events and weather, even when I was working.  This was a major change for me!  I craved silence.

Soon after, Nonnie was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and today I am a landlord.  I am still working on finding ways to effectively deal with stress.  One of those ways is with massage.  I had always thought getting a massage was a luxury but now I know it is a necessity for stress management.  It’s not as easy as it sounds like it would be either.  You have a job and that job is to R E L A X while the therapist kneads your muscles.  I have to constantly work on relaxing my muscles so she can work out the knots with her fingers.  Yes, this is work but the end result is worth it. 

How many of us, in today’s world, do not have stress?  Consider massage therapy and go at least once a month.  I’ve been told the true benefits come from getting a massage on a regular schedule.  You have to train your muscles to relax and, like everything else, it becomes easier with practice, I guess.  I’ll find out and let you know.

A Conundrum

The LA Times had an article yesterday in the Business section concerning Mark Hurd’s departure from HP.  The reporters bemoaned the decision and wondered whether the directors acted rashly and just a little too hasty.  HP is now “rudderless.”  Its stock plunged almost 10% in late trading on Friday and didn’t regain much of that on Monday.  For a large corporation, this would make investors and employees alike uncertain of HP’s future.  Investors and analysts apparently questioned whether his departure was necessary at all.  I can see how this would be a conundrum for their board of directors.

Mark Hurd was much respected in the business world and many business leaders and analysts think his leaving was a vast mistake.  He took a company 5 years ago, after Carly Fiorina’s departure, and nearly doubled its market value.  From a purely financial viewpoint, throwing Hurd out the door because of a sexual harassment suit that didn’t violate HP’s own sexual harassment policy, in light of all that he had done for HP, was not a wise business move.  The article stressed this angle of the story but didn’t really explore the falsified expense reports, mentioning them in fact only once.

I know that I am not very business savvy but isn’t this lying and cheating?  Is this not a firing offense?  Forget the girl.  If any other employee cheated on expense reports for thousands of dollars, they would be canned and rightfully so.  This was money that should have been used to benefit lots of employees in the company, not just one person.  When part of employee benefits includes a bonus, this is also stealing from every employee who got one or should’ve gotten one. 

Look at the ethics of the man leading this large corporation.  Regardless of his personal relationship with this woman, he violated HP’s own Standards of Business Conduct.  Every year, every employee is required to take a course on this subject so it’s not like he could claim ignorance.  He chose to lie and cheat.  If he would do so on this, what else would he lie about and how else would he cheat?  He broke a trust with every employee if he thought the SBC is for the masses but not for him.

So what were the directors to do?  Should they overlook what Mark Hurd did and also lose the trust of every HP employee?  Should they retain him so HP doesn’t lose its market value, not to mention the PR nightmare?  Should they fire him and prove to the world that they are a stand-up, ethical company, even though it might be financially detrimental?  What should the HP Board of Directors do?  I can see how this would be a conundrum for them.  Did they make the right decision?  Time will tell, but it is refreshing to see ethics win out occasionally over money.