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Windows on the Ceiling

SoLow has found windows on the ceiling. Oh, my! You can actually see outside and watch the birds hopping across them and squirrels scrounging around for something, who knows what. Life is exciting when you can see them but you just can’t get to them. Oh, does she want so much to get to them. She whines. She whimpers. She jumps up trying to reach them. She sits up on her hind legs, looking straight up. How does she keep her balance doing that? I can’t keep my balance doing that! She comes to us wanting help getting up there, trying to get in our lap, trying to get closer to them. And she does NOT like giving up. She will go back for hours looking for the bird that used to be there.

But some of the windows are opaque. All you can see through them is movement. How can she tell the difference between birds, squirrels, and blowing leaves? She can’t and leaves are falling in Texas now. Lots of leaves are blowing around the yard, the house, the road. They are EVERYWHERE! They are even on the windows on top of the house. What fun! Whimpering. Whining. Jumping. Looking straight up. Pacing.

Did you realize that moths and bugs can be almost as much fun? They don’t move anywhere near as much but it is just as important to keep an eye on them. You don’t know what they could do when you aren’t looking, you know, so she watches and waits. Oh, life is good for little SoLow and life is fun for us watching her.

This Thanksgiving, SoLow is thankful for birds, bugs, squirrels and leaves. Bless her heart; it’s the little things in life that makes it so worth living.