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I’m In Heaven!!!!!

Baseball Season!!!!! Woo-hoo!!!!!  I am definitely in heaven! Everyone needs to keep the Texas Ranger schedule handy. That way, when I do NOT answer the phone, you’ll know why!

Seriously, I AM that much of a Texas Ranger fan and I’m not that much of a fan of any other sport, so I’m looking forward to having some decent sports to watch on TV.  The news is depressing most of the time, what with the non-wars going on, the economy, the protesting, and politics.  My favorite shows are now doing reruns.  I don’t feel like cleaning the house or cooking … but then, I never feel like cleaning the house or cooking!

I will have to schedule my vocal practice but I can practice whenever I want to; at 7 am if I feel like it … well, except for those days when the Rangers play on the west coast, of course.  I must be able to stay up late on those days!  And I don’t think the pets will be upset if I feed them mid-afternoon occasionally for an early game, do you? I just can’t think of a single problem.  Wait!  Maybe I shouldn’t have said that.

So, here’s the schedule this week. I would suggest not calling me during these times but, if you must, remember that I may be very distracted during the call, IF I answer at all!  And if we hit a home run … well, don’t hold the phone that close to your head, just in case!

Red Sox at Rangers, Rangers Ballpark in Arlington:

    • Fri, 4/1, 3 pm, on ESPN and FSSW
    • Sat, 4/2, 7 pm, on FSSW